We all gather junk, waste, and trash and it doesn’t matter if it is from remodeling projects, activities of daily life or from parties. Unless we want to be the neighborhood eye sore that has a smelly house, we have to get rid of all the stuff every now and again. Fortunately, there is the option of hiring waste removal service to do all the dirty work. Below are a few things that are factored into the cost of junk and waste removal.

Waste Removal Costs

Waste removal will take more prep time and your time than junk and trash removal because it involves things like dangerous fluorescent bulbs to latex pain and other types of chemicals. The price for waste removal does vary, depending on what categories that it falls into.

Solid Waste: household and garbage clutter falls into the solid waste category. The cost for this type of removal is around $160, unless there is excess or specialty waste that may require longer time to remove or needs special attention.

Hazardous Waste: This is the professional removal or mercury, latex paint, or other types of chemicals need to be carefully prepared and will need to use specialty equipment. Any type of hazardous waste removal is going to be quotedbased on the amount you have, so you could be paying up to $150, depending on the volume of the waste.

Construction Debris: If you have recently added on your home or remodeled it, it is likely that you have materials that are left over, most of which will need to be taken away. The cost for removal of construction debris to be around $200, depending on how much is involved.

Composting: Food and yard waste may be removed and then picked up to be professionally composted and all for under $100.

Additional removal of waste options does include universal and recyclable waste removal. Recyclable waste removal will haul glasses, cans, reusable items and paper away in bulk. Universal waste removal includes light bulbs, batteries and other types of reusable materials that aren’t considered hazardous.

Junk Removal

Junk is a lot less dangerous than other types of waste, but it can be quite bulky. Normally, junk waste usually involves removing large items that require more than 2 people to move it to a landfill or other type of location.

Removal prices will vary depending on the difficulty:

$100 for major appliances

$80 for large pieces of furniture

$130 for outdoor hot tubs

Average Junk and trash removal prices

Normally, making trips to the dump isn’t an issue. But there are times when you will need help with larger loads. On average, home owners will pay up to $375 for junk removal, although the costs depend on the contents of removal, service policies and volume.

Trash removal is normally considered a part of city utilities. But there are some independent companies who have the same services at lower prices. Trash removal can cost:

Monthly: $10 to $50

Annually: $150 to $250

These particular costs don’t include the one-time setup fee, which could be up to $50.

Junk Removal Prices

Junk removal services will remove junk from your business or home and charge around $250 for removing junk from a single family home and around $300 for junk removal of an apartment building. Business waste removal is normally around $450.

How is junk removal priced?

Most junk removal professionals will charge 2 different fees. One for the type or size of the junk and the other for amount of the truckload and how much time it takes to haul the junk away. Additional charges may include fees for delivering to the right place. This is due to the fact that some items have special delivery needs such as AC units, fluorescent bulbs, paint, freezers, etc. and can’t be left in a landfill. Ensure that you have a list of items that need to be removed, especially if some of them have special needs.

You will also be charged for the labor, especially if the job takes more than hour and more than their number of waste removal professionals. Home owners that pay for waste removal will:

Have their home, garage, or landscape cleaned after removal.

Have all of the items sorted and delivered to the proper delivery area.

Have a team that can remove the debris easily.

It is worth to note that:

Many junk removal services will not take hazardous products or chemicals. So, you will need to talk to your local waste or garbage collection company to address this.

If you have recyclable items, save time and money and see if there is a free hauling service that will pick it up.

Take advantage of these services by getting everything out of your home at one time.