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If you’re searching for “Tucson Trash Pickup” or “Tucson Trash Services” you have likely recently moved to the area or bought a new home and are looking for the best trash pickup company in the area. If so, Arizona Sanitation Services can help! Tucson is a great tourist destination and an even better place to live. Call us at  520-867-6080 for affordable and cost effective trash pickup that helps ensure that Tucson stays clean. We also provide junk removal and bulk trash pickup. For Professional Tucson Trash Pickup call Arizona Sanitation Services at 520-867-6080 in Tucson, Arizona.

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Carry Out Service Available

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Special Rates for Exclusive Service Contracts

3 & 5 Year Contracts Available

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Tucson Trash Pickup

With Arizona Sanitation we offer service with no contracts! This means you can sign up and experience the great service without signing a long term contract. We want people to be able to enjoy our services and stop them if they need to move or for any other reason that life might throw at them.

Everyone tends to have large items that need to be disposed of from time to time. That large cushy sofa that has worn out and needs to be thrown away just simply won’t fit in the weekly garbage container. We offer bulk trash pickup to help simplify the disposal of these items. Whether it is an appliance, large furniture item, or even landscape or construction waste our bulk trash pickup service helps keep your yard and home clean.

Knowing all of the costs associated with a new service or living in a new home helps build solid budgets. We offer a price guarantee for the first full year that you have continuous service with us.  While inflation and costs of operation to do change over time we want our customers to know that we strive to keep our services affordable and as inexpensive as possible.


A big part of the beauty of Arizona is the natural landscape. Being able to enjoy this is added to by homes that are built from earth tone colors. Our containers spend a lot of time sitting near the house and at the curb each week. We provide earth tone colored containers to blend into the environment rather than standing out like other containers.

For some homeowners the convenience of carry out trash service helps simplify life. Whether it provides a greater level of independence for the elderly or handicapped, or simply helps make life easier for people who lead busy lives having this service makes it easier to get the trash to the curb and collected away from the home.

We work with HOA’s in Tucson and we are a gold sponsor to the Southern Arizona Chapter of Community Associations Institute.  This means we support building the best communities and offer competitive special rates for exclusive service contracts to HOAs. With just one contract running HOAs save money and even cut down on the large truck traffic in the community. This keeps the neighborhood quieter and helps reduce maintenance costs for road upkeep.  Our trash pickup truck drivers are kind, courteous, and professional as they remove the trash from your HOA community. There are 3 and 5 year contracts available to fit your needs.


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For Professional Tucson Trash Pickup or Tucson Trash Services call Arizona Sanitation Services at 520-867-6080 in Tucson, Arizona. We provide a variety of residential trash pickup services, making it easier than ever for our customers to discard garbage and practice recycling from home.



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For Professional Tucson Trash Pickup or Tucson Trash Services call Arizona Sanitation Services at 520-867-6080 in Tucson, Arizona. We provide a variety of residential trash pickup services, making it easier than ever for our customers to discard garbage and practice recycling from home.