Junk Removal Phoenix

Junk Removal Phoenix

If you are searching for “Junk Removal Phoenix“, Arizona Sanitation Services can help! Call us today at 480-736-0201 for a quote on our junk removal services in Phoenix.

Professional Junk Removal in Phoenix

When you look online at reviews that have been given to us, you can see why people come to us when they need to remove junk in the Phoenix Metro area. We are not only polite, but we are very thorough. We will arrive on time and finish as quickly as possible. Our work includes sweeping out areas and removing all the refuse. Our staff has been highly trained and able to adapt to any situation.

Our residential junk removal service covers just about everything:

Freezer and refrigerator recycling and disposal – If you are getting rid of your old refrigerator or freezer, you can save tons of money but what to do with the old and tired appliances?
Air Conditioning removal – Have you ever tried to remove an old A/C unit? Oh my, they are filled with dust and dirt, awkward, and probably weigh more that you think.
Foreclosure cleanouts – Real estate agents, financial institutions, property owners, and house flippers have partnered with us to get effective and affordable removal services.
Trash compactors and dishwasher removal – When it comes time to replace your trash compactor and dishwasher, call us and we will remove your old waste.
Estate clean outs – Dealing with  inherited properties or move outs can be stressful. We respect your time as well as your space while we clean out the spaces required.
DIY (do it yourself) construction debris – All of those home renovation/ reality shows don’t show the scope of just how messy cleanup is.
Electronic waste or E-waste –Old computer monitors, scanners, PC’s, printers, televisions, fax machines and other types of e-waste.
Debris removal – We will be more than happy to pick up yard clippings, branches, and other excess yard waste after your landscaping project or yard maintenance.
Household furniture removal – We have the means and manpower to haul your unwanted or broken furniture away.
Garbage and trash removal – do you have too much garbage for your curb? Give us a call us.
Scrap metal recycling – unwanted metal will make a great thing for junk removal because it doesn’t need to be in a landfill.
Property clean out services – Are you trying to deal with your junk filled property? It doesn’t matter if you are the renter, property owner, or a real estate agent we are your answer.
Spa removal – While it was fun while it lasted, you now have to clear that much needed space out. We will disconnect, break down the parts, and take it all away and recycle what is useful.
Total house clean outs – every good cleaning undertaking has an assortment of clutter that has to be removed. We have you covered whether it’s the whole home or just a single room.
TV disposal – TV’s contain dangerous lead, mercury, and other types of toxic materials. We can handle the pickup and removal of your TV’s to recycling sites or donation centers.
Junk removal services – You need to have that area and you need it now. Not a problem. Call us and we will remove your junk and clear out that space.
Microwave oven and stove disposal – When it’s time to upgrade and update your kitchen, we know what to do with your appliances.
Landscape equipment and lawn care equipment disposal – Do you have a bunch of lawn equipment that is taking up space? We can take care of it.
Yard waste disposal – your local sanitation company isn’t taking your grass clippings, branches, or weeds, call us and we will take care of that as well as gravel, trimmings, and more.
Useless junk – Unwanted toys, rooms of collectibles, unused exercise equipment, and other stuff. We can remove it and help it find a new home.
Water heater recycling and disposal – We will help you remove that old water heater when you are ready.
Washing Machine and clothes dryer disposal – Buying a new washer or dryer means you will need the removal of the old ones.

We are locally owned, so that means that we are proud of the work that is being done in Phoenix. We will treat you as if you were our next door neighbor, because you are. We all live and work in the Phoenix area and offer the best customer service and junk removal services when compared with our competition.

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Call us today at 480-736-0201 for a quote on Arizona Sanitation’s junk removal services in Phoenix.

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If you are searching for "Junk Removal Phoenix", Arizona Sanitation Services can help! Call us today at 480-736-0201.