Choosing a New Waste Collection Company After a Move


When most people move they just talk to a neighbor and let the realtor tell them who the waste collection company is for the area.  Some regions let you chose a new waste collection company yourself.  Doing a few quick searches on google will reveal a lot about the new area you’re living in and the choices for trash pickup.  Narrow down your options be sure to visit the company’s website and see what type of services they offer.  It’s good to know about how often they pick up, what cost is for garage pick up, if they have green waste disposal practices, and if they have recycling programs.

Factors to Keep in Mind When Picking a Waste Collection Company

Do they follow safety regulations? – With right hand routing are safe because we stay on that one side of the street and there isn’t a lot of crisscrossing and trying to dive through busy traffic with that big truck.  It takes a little longer, but saving lives and preventing injury is our priority #1.

Do their drivers treat the neighborhood with respect? – If something in spilled during their collection route do they stop and clean up the mess, or do they leave it laying on your driveway to be blown around and spread out on your yard?  With Arizona Sanitation our employees treat your neighborhood like its home, and many times it is.  We also strive to keep the noise down while we are collecting garbage in the early hours, because not everyone is necessarily up as early as we start working.

Does the company make efforts to care for the environment? – At Arizona Sanitation we are very proud to be an active part of the recycling process.  The items we pick up in your recycling containers are taken to one of 3 local recycling plants.  In Phoenix we take the material to United Fibers, and if Tucson the recycling goes to either ReCommunity Recycling or Friedman Recycle

Does the waste removal company have hidden fees? – Many companies like to advertise one price up front and then add all sorts of fees.  Make sure the trash collection service you choose doesn’t have hidden fees like: environmental fees, fuel surcharges, administrative fees, taxes. . ..etc.

Arizona Sanitation Waste Management Services

Waste Removal – As Phoenix and Tucson’s leading waste removal company you can enjoy the ease and convenience of curbside residential pick up.

Residential Recycling – You care about the Earth, but you might like care to go to the recycling center every week.  With Arizona Sanitation’s residential recycling pick up you can conveniently just leave it to us to take it where it needs to go.

Bulk Trash Pick Up – If you’ve got larger items that won’t fit in your trash container you can request a bulk trash pick up.  Items that are commonly called about for a bulk trash pick up are mattresses, large appliances, furniture and more.

Easy Online Bill Pay – Just another way we want to make your trash collection easy and worry free.

You’re new to the area, Arizona Sanitation is not.  Let us take care of the details when it comes to your trash collection and recycling management.