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Every home produces bulk trash at one time or another. Bulk trash is made up of the materials and items that are too big to be put in the garbage or recycling containers. This can mean large appliances, furniture, and yard clean up waste.  Bulk trash pickup in Phoenix makes it simple to get rid of the larger items every home needs to get rid of eventually.

Bulk Trash Pickup in the City of Phoenix 2017

If you would like to get rid of some of the larger trash items right away Arizona Sanitation can help you get the job done. Our services help you get rid of these bulky items without having to wait for the city or dragging the large items to the city dump yourself. We make it as simple as placing a call, setting the items by the curb, and kicking your feet up. We worry about the costs and rules for transporting trash to the dump. Let us know when you have bulky items needing pickup and we will happily help you get rid of these items.

How Do I Get Rid Of Bulk Waste?

There are 3 ways that you can get rid of the large waste items and bulk waste from your home. If you are in a city that provides bulk waste pickup, you can wait for their quarterly pickup service. You can also choose to take the larger, heavier items to the landfill yourself. The third and most timely and easiest option is having your local bulk trash pickup company come and pick it up for you.

City Bulk Trash Collection

Many cities in Arizona offer free bulk trash collection. This usually happens about 4 times each year. Residents are notified of when the collection will happen and items are placed out for collection. This is a great way to plan to get rid of some of the larger items cluttering up your home.

The downside is sitting on your waste until the city is coming by to do the collection. This means that old broken sofa, large appliance, or other large item will just sit in your home or garage until it is time.

There are limitations to Phoenix bulk trash pickup. Their crews are instructed not to pick up any appliances that use refrigerants like freezers, refrigerators, or air conditioners. They also won’t pickup more than 20 cubic yards of bulk trash per resident. Hazardous waste is not part of the city’s program.  Construction materials are also ignored if they are over 25 lbs or four feet long. In addition car parts that are over 20 lbs in weight or four feet long are left too. They also don’t pick up tires or glass.

Unacceptable Trash Materials

Our bulk trash team will not pick up these items:

  • More than 20 cubic yards per household, or a collection the size of an SUV
  • Loose litter and debris
  • ​Loose branches and brush, grass clippings, and other yard waste
  • Household hazardous waste, such as automobile fluids, pool cleaning chemicals, oil, batteries and paint
  • Materials such as roofing materials, dirt & rocks, concrete, bricks & blocks tiles
  • Construction materials in excess of 25 pounds or over 3 ½  feet long
  • Metal or automobile parts in excess of 20 pounds or over four feet long
  • ​Any size/ shape of tires
  • ​Any Glass such as windows, shower enclosures, sliding glass patio doors, household mirrors, fluorescent tubes, etc.
  • Tree stumps or trunks larger than 12″ in diameter
  • Any appliances that use refrigerants such as freon

Other Tips

  • Please rake or sweep area after collection, if necessary
  • Securely bag or box all yard waste before placing out for bulk trash
  • Make sure all tree trunks or stumps are reduced down to sizes smaller than 12″ in diameter

Self Bulk Trash Disposal

You can certainly load up your truck with the large items you need to get rid of. Phoenix residents which are paying full service fees are allowed to bring 1 load of trash that is limited to 1 ton, one time per month. A copy of city services like a water bill must be shown with your photo ID that matches the address on the water bill. A 20$ service fee can be added if your bulk trash isn’t secured, covered, or enclosed properly. Any loads over 1 ton will be charged $38.25 per ton over the 1 ton limit. End of day loads will have their vehicle weight estimated and charges based on the estimated weight subtracted from the overall weight of the vehicle to gauge the tonnage of bulk trash.

Commercial Bulk Trash Pickup

If you would like to make the collection of your bulk trash simple, quick, and easy calling your local trash collection company will be the best solution. Sofas wear out, appliances don’t last forever, and we all end up with items that won’t fit in garbage cans. Most of us know the value of space in our homes and want broken, old, or damaged items to be promptly taken away from our homes. This is especially true if you have a HOA. There are typically rules limiting your yard appearance and parking an old broken sofa on your curb until the city has their pickup dates won’t make you popular with your neighbors.

For Professional Bulk Trash Pickup In Phoenix Call Arizona Sanitation Services At 480-736-0201. A waste management company providing bulk trash pickup, city bulk trash pickup, and commercial bulk trash pickup in Phoenix, Arizona.

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If you are searching for the phrase “Bulk Trash Pickup In Phoenix” Arizona Sanitation Services can help! For our Bulk Trash Pickup In Phoenix services, call Arizona Sanitation Services today at 480-736-0201.