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Are you searching for “Bulk Trash Pickup Sun Lakes” while looking for an affordable bulk trash pickup company? If so, we can help! Arizona Sanitation offers bulk trash pickup for Sun Lakes and other metropolitan areas throughout Arizona.

Many residences will have bulk trash every now and again. Bulk trash are items and materials that are too big to be placed in garbage or recycling containers. These are commonly landscaping waste, appliances, old furniture, or construction waste. Bulk trash pickup in Sun Lakes can be simple and easy to remove the items that you need to get rid of.

Bulk Trash Pickup In Sun Lakes

How Do I Get Rid Of Bulk Waste?

Sun Lakes residents will have 3 ways to remove their bulk waste items. Some larger cities will have quarterly bulk pickup from the curbside, which you can wait for while you store your bulk trash and postpone your project. You can also load up a vehicle with the items and take them to the landfill. Or you can have a simple, and affordable option of having your bulk waste removed by Arizona Sanitation Trash Pickup.

Commercial Bulk Trash Pickup

Sun Lakes residents that are wanting to make bulk waste disposal easy, and quick can do that by contacting Arizona Sanitation for options. Sofas, refrigerators, and dishwashers won’t last forever, and there will be times that we have things that you can’t haul out to the curb for trash day. Homes are sold by their square footage and location and many people don’t want damaged, old, or broken items lying around and want it removed. Bulk waste removal is quite important if you live in a HOA community. The HOA has standards for the appearance of yards and prohibit storage of bulk trash. This means your garage gets cluttered up with your unwanted stuff. Waiting for the quarterly pickup forces you to schedule your projects around that or store your trash.

City Bulk Trash Collection

Larger cities in Arizona have bulk waste collection every 3 months. Residents are notified about the collect dates, where containers will be located, and what items that can be throw away. Although this is a great community service, it rarely comes quick enough for large construction projects, for when furniture or appliances need to be replaces or just regular spring cleaning.

Whenever you have bulk waste such as broken sofas, landscape trimmings, large appliances or other big items, waiting for the city bulk waste collection means that your trash is sitting in your garage or home until time for the pickup.

There are limitations to bulk waste pickup as well. There are strict instructions to not pickup any appliances that use refrigerants like refrigerators, air conditioners or freezers. Rules also state that there is a limit to 20 cubic yards of waste. No hazardous materials can be picked up. Construction materials over 25 pounds or 4 feet long will be ignored and no automotive parts that are over 20 pounds or 4 feet long. Plus they will not pick up tires or glass.

Self Bulk Trash Disposal

City dumps and landfills will allow a resident to transport their own bulk waste. So you can load up trucks with large items that need to be removed. Sun Lakes residents that pay for full trash service may bring 1 load of trash, limited to 1 ton, once a month. A copy of your city services bill and photo-ID with address that matches the bill will be needed. There is also a $20 fee if the bulk trash is not secured, enclosed, or covered. Loads that are over 1 ton are charged $39 per ton over that limit. End of the day loads will have vehicle weight estimated and the charges are based on the estimated weight subtracted from the total weight. This makes it easier to get the charges and allow for end of day landfill services.

Bulk Trash Pickup in Sun Lakes

Sun Lakes residents that need to remove bulk items easily, and quickly without having to use a personal vehicle, can call Arizona Sanitation to do it for you. The service is easy to order and make removing your bulk items easier. We also help to avoid waiting on the city pickup dates or having to go to the landfill yourself. Our friendly staff will make bulk trash removal easy as calling, setting your items on the curb, and relaxing. Our staff will do the work for you and worry about the landfill costs and rules. Whenever you have bulk items that need to be disposed, call us and we will remove them for you.

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Are you searching for “Bulk Trash Pickup Sun Lakes” while looking for an affordable bulk trash pickup company? If so, we can help! Arizona Sanitation offers bulk trash pickup for Sun Lakes and other metropolitan areas throughout Arizona.